Root stretching = Reverse balayaging. Tired of constant regrowth, get you a balayage! Loving this hair transformation. Custom designed by Loren 🀎

Serious COLOUR GOALS. Check out this before and amazing unicorned after! BIG BOLD BEAUTIFULLLLL πŸ’œπŸ†”πŸ’œ Dani is the colourist. Wella is the paint πŸŸͺ

Can we just.. OBSESSED with this hair colour! OBSESSED with the before and after! Silver hair is the new hair fashion. Silver loving all day everyday. ▫️Custom Made By Dani…

Calling all our lobbed fans. From no shape to all the shape. Having a good chop also defines and boosts the tone of your hair colour. The after is sleeker,…

Not your everyday blonde balayage. Loving these golden soft tones. Summer kissing all through winter ✨ #caramelbalayage #hairtrends #hairgoals Balayage is the technique, Dani is the hair painter πŸ’›

WOW! πŸ•Š Amazing transformation. Months of regrowth to a beautiful fresh icy blonde balayage. Seamlessly balayaged by Loren 🀍

Flaming hell! πŸ”₯ Vivid colours all the way! Check out this amazing before and after. #beyoutiful #colourful #vividhaircolours Dani is the Designer, Wella is the paint 🎨

In 🀎 with the seamless bronze balayage Not everyday blonde balayages. Still sun-kissing this winter! Calling all our caramel lovers. Beautifully balayaged by our Director Corrin πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

🌷🎟🌷 DO BIG. DO BOLD. DO BEAUTIFUL. Crushing over this rose gold hair transformation. Check the before VS the after ?!! Wella is the paint, Dani is the Designer πŸ’—

Bye bye lockdown hair. Hair refresh at its finest!Drooling over this before and after. Balayage is the technique, Loren is the Designer πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

Obsessed over this before and after lockdown glow up. What’s your favourite look CURLY or STRAIGHT? Seamlessly balayaged by DANIπŸ…

RESTYLE RESTYLE! From long to short goals Creatively cut by our Principle Stylist Sarah β™₯️

Check out this crazy, creative before and after result. Restyled Ft Colour change. Major hair goals! πŸ’«#lobbed #colourist #hairoftheday Custom made by our Designer Dani 🀘

This look is such a vibe! Calling all our gents! Manly Monday’s receive 20% Off! Our Director Nino is the creator, MVRCK is the productsπŸ’£

Check out this before & after. Painting nothing but pretty on one of our tremendous Tuesdays! Balayaged and Painted by Our Designer Dani πŸ–€

Obsessed with this transformation. Not everyday blonde balayage. #colouredbalayage #newhairnewyou Transformed By Our Principle Stylist Sarah 🧑

In love with this little red number! Red hair don’t care !! The perfect fall hair, not forgetting the perfectly shaped lob❗️ Coloured & Lobbed by Our Principle Stylist Sarah…

beYOUnique .. Are you daring enough?! Loving this funk do Restyled & Coloured by Our Director Corrin 🀍

Loving this effortless look! Seamless is πŸ”‘ balayage is the on going trend! Balayaged by Our designer Loren x

Recruitment required! We are always looking for 'go getters' with a creative soul and passion for the industry to join our team! Send us an email with a cover letter…

New hair, new you ! The best of both worlds πŸ‘©πŸΌπŸ‘©πŸ»Balayaged and restyled by Nino πŸ€›πŸΌ #lobbed #dimension #licensedtocreate

Balayaged and painted. Curly VS Straight πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ you decide?! Seamlessly balayaged by Dani πŸ’› #hairtrends #hairenvy #balayagequeening

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You rock that blue balayage. Be you, Be unique.πŸ’Ž #Bluelagoon #Prettyhair #Balayaged #Colourgoals POP XG is the Paint, Dani is the Designer x

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Not everyday blonde balayage, luscious caramel locks πŸ”… #bestofbalayage #balayageart #balayagegoals AfterBefore Seamlessly balayaged by Dani x

Obsessing over this beautiful balayage, so seamless so soft. β€˜Every little blends’ Your true dove white. πŸ•Š Balayage is the technique, Dani is the designer πŸŒͺ

In love with this complete restyle and colour change! Donating all that length to the little princess trust organisation and rocking one of the coolest colours around. πŸŽ† Restyled and…

Goldy locks at her finest, new hair = new you X Balayage is the technique, Loren is the Designer πŸ’› BeforeAfter

be YOU tiful πŸ’‹ Bold, bright and bossing Root stretch and balayage is the technique, Sarah is the Principle Stylist β™₯️

2019 trends! BeforeAfter A freehand hair colouring technique that gives a really blended natural look with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines. Balayage is the technique, Dani is the designer…