Look at that smile. New year, New hair! Check out the before and afters Balayage is the technique, Helen is the stylist ✨

Blonde mode on and turnt all the way UPπŸ’‘ Obsessing over this hair transformation, your perfect blonde B A L A Y A G E. Hair slayed by DANIπŸ’«

πŸ’— D R O O L I N G πŸ’— Introducing this stunning minky pink gorgeous metallic balayage. Your balayage can be any colour you make it. Custom designed by…

Obsessed with this hair transformation!! Ashier, beige balayage to go pls. Hair goals created by DANI 🎷

From brass to class, created by a full head of highlights! Brighter in colour, cleaner in tone and scrumptious. Transformed by HELEN 🀍

When your hair colour is as BOLD as your personality! Vivid, gorgeous and unique! Hair slayed by DANI πŸ’œ

2022 trending. Mullet like, wolfy textured haircut is the new in fashion. Texture, texture texture all the way. Customised by our principle stylist HELEN x

Check out this amazing before and after power blonde balayage. Lower maintenance and still just as stunning! πŸ’› Balayage is the technique, Dani is the designer x